Chidoriya Peach Moon Skin Toner

Once a year in Okinawa, residents eat a traditional local rice cake called "muchi," which is steamed and wrapped in gettou leaves and, according to them, have a power that can turn away misfortune. Rich in antioxidantes like Polyphenol, gettou leaves have been used as an herbal remedy for years to help increase collagen production. 

The Peach Moon Herbal Water is a toner that uses simple natural ingredients like the gettou plant to eliminate bacteria, treat blemishes, and deeply cleanse the face. Adding grapefruit seed extract, a natural preservative with antibacterial properties, keep your skin's acidic balance in check. Use to refresh, relax, and rehydrate your skin. For a closer spray, add Chidoriya Spray Attachment to toner bottle. 

How to Use
Use after cleansing. Apply evenly with a cotton pad, gently pressing into the face and neck as needed. 

 alpinia zerumbet hydrosol, grapefruit seed extract
Volume: 4oz

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