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As much a picture book for adults as it is for children, Brooch is a beautiful, sentimental story about finding your personal identity. Its delicate, rice paper-thin pages are slightly translucent and let you see the drawings awaiting you before you flip to them for a tactile reading experience beyond everyday picture books. This English edition of Brooch is translated from the Japanese by the author herself, keeping the poetic words and message intact through the language barrier. 

About the Author
Yayako Uchida is a Japanese actress who found success as an author with Brooch, her first picture book. Her poetic, lyrical version of a children's book has won over children and adults alike with its simple but powerful story of self-discovery. Brooch was created in collaboration with artist Yoshie Watanabe, whose soft, colorful drawings give life to Uchida's fragile words. 

Dimensions: Height: 7" Width: 10"
Pages: 136 pages
Tokyo, Japan

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