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Beech Wood People Bus

A trip to the museum, a drive around the country, a weekend at the seaside; the wheels of this little wooden bus take your little one on all sorts of adventures. Carved from smooth beechwood and sealed with natural beeswax, this natural toy features six removable figurines to shuttle around and play with.

About Moku Yusya
These artful wooden toys are created in a small toymakers’ workshop based in the rural prefecture of Ehime, where beechwood trees grow locally. Made with all-natural materials, each classic toy is designed to be passed down through the generations. A portion of proceeds from the purchase of these toys is donated to support the Carbon Offsetting Project, a Japan-based effort to combat global climate change.Â

Materials: Beech wood, beeswax finish
Dimensions: Height: 4 ¼”, Width: 9 ½”Â

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