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Bam and Kero's Sunday

Yuka Shimada’s Bam and Kero series is an immensely popular picture book series starring two unlikely friends: a responsible dog named Bam, and Kero, a small, mischievous frog. On a rainy Sunday, Bam wants nothing more than to clean the house and settle down with a good book. As he’s finishing tidying up, his friend Kero comes back from playing outside, tracking mud everywhere. After cleaning up both Kero and the house, Bam and Kero look for a new book in the attic. But something is up there that scares them away. Together, they’ll have to devise a plan to get their book out of the attic.

About the Author
Yuka Shimada was born in Tokyo but now lives in Ontario, Canada. After working as a graphic designer, she leapt to stardom with “Bam and Kero's Sunday,” her first picture book featuring the famous dog and frog duo. With her strong, personality-driven characters, Shimada has changed the way readers think about "cute" picture books. Her artistry is evident in her elaborate drawings of scenery, the playfulness she brings to each page, and the robust design of her books. Her books have captured a wide following in Japan. Â

Language:Â English
Author:Â Yuka Shimada
Pages:Â 32
Dimensions: Height: 8½” Width: 11”Â
Tokyo, Japan

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