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Bagworks Waxed Cotton Drawstring Backpack

Every bag designed in the Bagworks collection was inspired by the bag styles typically carried by workers in specific types of professions (messenger bags for newspaper delivery boys, briefcases for bank men, backpacks for students, etc). The Bagworks Waxed Cotton Drawstring Backpack is modeled after the drawstring bag styles usually packed by sailors for long voyages at sea.

The new style retains the same nautical look with a thick rope drawstring and made of sturdy, waterproof cotton with a tarpaulin base. The back of the bag also features a zipper opening that lets you reach into the bag without loosening the drawstring. 

Materials: waxed cotton, tarpaulin
Dimensions: Height: 14¾”, Width: 5", Length: 10½"
Nara, Japan

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