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Azmaya Tea Scoop, Round

This pear-shaped tea scoop is made from sculpted copper and lightweight tin. Designed by Osamu Saruyama with a meticulous detail of craftsmanship, the round Azmaya Tea Scoop is perfectly engineered for picking the right amount of tea leaves with just one swipe. 

About Azmaya
This collection features a collaboration between Japanese artisans, designers and small manufacturers in the Ishikawa prefecture. It aims to present contemporary housewares using traditional techniques and Japan-found materials like brass and cherry wood. Minimalist design, a focus on details and high quality materials are hallmarks of the movement, with the resulting products reflecting the high level of skill and superior techniques of Japanese artisans today.

Materials: Copper, Tin 
Dimensions: Length: 3.5" Width: 1.7"
Care: Gently hand wash with soap and water and dry thoroughly.
Ishikawa, Japan 

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