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Azmaya Tetsubin Cast Iron Tea Kettle

This kettle is produced in Iwate Prefecture, where cast iron manufacturing has a history of over nine hundred years. At once artful and quiet in form, this piece reinterprets the traditional tetsubin kettle style. Water that is boiled in an iron kettle has a distinctly mellow flavor that pairs ideally with savory Japanese green teas, making this tea kettle the perfect companion for afternoon tea.

Safe to use on inductive-heat stovetops.

Materials: cast iron
Dimensions: Height: 4” Diameter: 7”
Volume: 50 oz
Care: Dry thoroughly after each use. Please note that the iron may rust slightly due to natural oxidization and that the kettle is still completely safe to use. A slight film will appear inside after usage; because it prevents rust, we recommend not scrubbing it off. Using your kettle daily for the first month will solidify that film and maximize the kettle's lifespan. 
Ishikawa, Japan

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