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Awajishima Incense

Traditionally used for court and religious ceremonies, incense are an integral part of Japanese identity. Awajishima incense uses natural scents to bring to life an authentic Japanese ambiance: calming, restorative and invigorating.

Green Tea:  Blends extracts of charcoal with tea antioxidants to reduce smokiness and naturally cleanse your surroundings.
Sweet Tea: With notes of hydrangea native to Asia, this earthy scent is reminiscent of black tea and said to give long life and ease suffering.
Floral:  Blends ten different essential oils for a scent that recalls a tropical garden.
Traditional: A crisp, rustic fragrance evocative of a forest after rainfall.
Herbal: A musky fall scent reminiscent of the early autumn.
Rose: A gentle floral fragrance perfect for a warm spring evening.

Box of 30 sticks
Hyogo, Japan

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