Air Plant

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These decorative air plants were handmade by our team and can typically be found poking out from nooks and crannies in our shop. When you order an air plant, you will receive one healthy plant, a care card, and a wooden display base. 

How to Care for Your New Air Plant 

Caring for an air plant is easy! For smaller plants, all they require is a light misting or shower 2-3 times per week. Larger plants should be dunked in water for 15-20 minutes once per week. Always be sure to drain excess water out of the crevices.

These plants will thrive in dry or humid climates as long as they receive adequate moisture. Direct sunlight is not recommended but may result in attractive foliage coloration. When using air plants for terrariums or art projects, please note that they should not be planted in potting soil or dirt (hence the name Air Plants). Air Plants can be placed on sand, sea glass, rocks, pebbles, bark chip, wood, or metal stands.

Many air plants spike a bloom that will flower. They also produce pups that create a whole other plant.

Shipping Note: This product requires some special pre-shipping preparation, so please allow 3-5 additional days for your shipment to arrive. Should your air plant loosen from its display wire during shipping, simply reattach it by bending a loosely coiled cup shape as a hammock for the plant to sit in. Take care that the wire does not constrict, pinch, or pierce the plant.