Aiai Origami Paper, Single Color - 100 Sheets

Practice the art of paper folding with this classic pack of Japanese origami sheets. With one hundred sheets in each color pack, you can create dozens of fantastical shapes with just a few folds. An armada of paper boats? One hundred cranes? A menagerie of zoo animals? The possibilities are endless. The old-fashioned packaging is an ode to vintage Japanese graphic design, making this collection a treat for collectors and origami enthusiasts alike.

About Origami
Origami (Ori meaning ‘folding’, and Kami meaning ‘paper’) is a paper art that involves folding and sculpting a square piece of paper into elaborate shapes without the use of cuts or glue.  For origami ideas and folding instructions, we recommend the Origami Booklet or YouTube (we like Tadashi Mori).

Materials: Paper
Length: 6" Width: 6"
Tokyo, Japan

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