Aiai Origami Paper, Assorted Colors - 240 Sheets

A mini version of our multicolor Aiai Origami Paper pack, this origami mini pack lets you practice the art of Japanese paper folding on the go. Each pack features 240 sheets in assorted colors, so you can create dozens of unique miniature shapes with just a few precise folds. Use your imagination to create a bouquet of rainbow flowers, a fleet of paper ships, or a school of fishes- and when it’s time to go home, simply slip them into your pocket for easy transport. Perfect for children and traveling enthusiasts, this mini version offers a rainbow of possibilities.

240 sheets.

About Origami
Origami (Ori meaning ‘folding’, and Kami meaning ‘paper’) is a paper art that involves folding and sculpting a square piece of paper into elaborate shapes without the use of cuts or glue.  For origami ideas and folding instructions, we recommend the Origami Booklet or YouTube (we like Tadashi Mori).

Materials: Paper
Dimensions: Length: 3" Width: 3"
Tokyo, Japan

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