Chidoriya Oil Blotting Paper

Favored by geisha and maiko dancing girls in Kyoto, this natural oil blotting paper is beaten from absorbent hemp and breathable washi paper. The natural fibers in each sheet effortlessly absorb excess oil and impurities from the face, all while keeping your makeup intact. Made with all-natural materials, not tested on animals.

Contains 30 sheets.   

About Chidoriya
As beautiful and mysterious as a delicate flower, Japanese geisha were once revered for their immaculate skin and refined beauty. Inspired by their secret skincare routines, Chidoriya has been creating natural and organic skin care products since 1949. Each product is made by hand in the USA using traditional Japanese ingredients and techniques passed down through the generations. Learn more about Chidoriya and their rich history on our Journal.

Materials: Hemp, Linen, Japanese Washi Paper 
Made in the USA

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