Charcoal Oil Blotting Paper

Each sheet of this portable oil blotting paper is infused with activated bamboo charcoal. The absorbent charcoal works to remove excess oil and bacteria from your skin for a healthy, clear complexion. Suitable for all skin types, this sleek pack is perfect for quick touch-ups on the go.

Contains 30 sheets.

About Binchotan Charcoal
Binchotan is a premium activated charcoal that has been revered in Japan for centuries as a natural air and water purifier. Possessing powerful purification and detoxifying properties, Binchotan is included in a number of beauty and wellness goods where it helps to cleanse on a microscopic level.

See our line of Binchotan products here, and learn more on the Rikumo Journal.

Materials: Paper, Charcoal Powder
Dimensions: Height: 3½” Width: 3½”
How to Use: gently press against the skin to blot out oils and bacteria.
Kyoto, Japan

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