Yamato Indigo Starter Kit

Looking for a weekend crafting project? Look no further than Shibori, a sophisticated indigo textile dyeing technique. Often referred to as “Japanese tie-dye”, Shibori dyeing uses clamping and binding techniques to create beautiful white and indigo patterns on everything from silk to leather.

This kit contains everything you need to make your own Shibori creations: a pack of natural Yamato indigo dye, wooden sticks, rubber bands, a few pairs of gloves, two tenugui, and two cotton bandanas to experiment with. Yamato Indigo is a natural powder dye consisting of extracts from indigo plants, making it non-toxic and safe for use for all ages. Easy to use, Yamato indigo doesn’t require fermentation or heating- just add water and start dyeing!

Includes instructions. Learn how to Shibori dye your own creations on Rikumo Journal.

About Curious Corners
Curious Corners was founded in 2014 in New York City by Sayaka Toyama. Her team leads indigo workshops, provides dyeing services, and produces products to promote the rich history of indigo and other Japanese textile traditions. Curious Corners believes the truest shade of indigo comes from nature and not a color chart, so they work with and produce only non-toxic natural indigo.

Includes: Yamato Indigo (10 g.), 4 White Cotton Bandanas (20” x 20”), 10 Wooden Sticks, 20 Rubber Bands, 2 Pairs of Rubber Gloves, One Bottle of Vinegar, Instructions.
Dimensions: Height: 7 ½” Width: 5 ½”    
Made in the USA

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