Inner Pile Towel

$ 14.00 USD

The Inner Pile Towel from Shinto is expertly woven on a traditional shuttle loom, a process that takes considerable amounts of time and care. However, this method is necessary to create a towel that has two outer layers of baby-soft gauze and an inner layer of highly absorbent cotton pile. The resulting towel is thick and fluffy yet soft and light and perfect for drying off after a hot shower or rejuvenating bath. 

About Shinto Towel
Shinto Towel combines more than a century of knowledge and technical experience with an eye for innovation and creativity to create premium textiles that disrupt the status quo. Their towels are set apart by their superior absorbency, luxurious softness, and a trademark texture achieved through atozarashi, a post-weave refining process that removes starch, oils, and impurities from the fibers to create an addictingly fluffy texture.

Materials: 100% organic cotton
Washcloth (S): 9.05" L x 9.05" W
Hand Towel (M): 32.28" L x 11.42" W
Bath Towel (L): 51.18" L x 24.80" W
Care: Machine wash with like colors on the gentlest setting using cold water and a mild detergent, preferably in a mesh laundry bag to avoid pulling. Avoid bleach or fabric softeners. Hang dry. Do not stretch when wet.
Osaka, Japan