YAMATO Deba Knife

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Shizu Hamono's YAMATO knives sport double-edged blades for either left- or right-handed users and are hammered to help food slide off the knife during cutting. With its wider blade, the Deba Knife is ideal for breaking down fish, poultry, or large cuts of meat.

About Seki City
Shizu Hamono Cutlery is located in Seki City, a city synonymous with knife production in Japan. Over 780 years ago, the city attracted swordsmiths whose creations were revered throughout the country. When swords fell out of fashion, the industry turned its attention to cutlery, producing knives that garner the same level of reverence as the swords of the past.

Materials: Blade: 3-layer Steel, Handle: Wood
Dimensions: Full length: 11.41”; Blade length: 6.29”, Weight: 5.29 oz.
Care: Always use caution when handling. Avoid cutting through or on hard materials. Handwash with mild soap and dry immediately. Maintain sharpness with regular honing and sharpen when necessary.
Seki City, Japan