Wooden Surikogi Pestle

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This wooden pestle (or surikogi) is made from sustainably harvested wood and is soft enough to maximize the life of your suribachi. Designed to pair perfectly with our Ceramic Motoshige Mortar.

Take a peek at how these pieces are made in this short video.

About Suribachi and Surikogi
A suribachi is a sturdy Japanese mortar with an unglazed interior featuring numerous small grooves designed to mash and bruise seeds, herbs and spices more efficiently. These ridges - called kushi no me - help bring out subtle aromatic compounds when worked with a wooden pestle, or surikogi.

Materials: Wood
Small: 7" L x 1" D
Medium: 9.5" L x 1.25" D
Care: Hand wash with mild soap and a soft brush. Dry both mortar and pestle thoroughly before storing.
Shimane, Japan