Shizuku Measuring Bowl

$ 20.00 USD

By pairing a brushed steel exterior and well-polished interior, Ichibishi Kinzoku Co. created a distinctive - and highly functional - measuring bowl at home in any kitchen. Each size is clearly marked with volume indicators (in milliliters), and all bowls feature an angled edge designed to improve the accuracy of pours and drips. Each size fits into the next, making it easy to store the set in a cabinet or hung on a hook using the holes conveniently punched in each design.

About Ichibishi Kinzoku Co.
At their facility in the manufacturing hub that is Tsubame, Japan, Ichibishi Kinzoku Co. produces award-winning brushed-steel kitchenware designed to get the job done; that their wares also showcase a striking elegance is simply the result of more than 40 years of practice.

Materials: Stainless steel
100ml: 4.35" L x 3.8" W x 1.75" H; 3.38 fl oz
200ml: 5.3" L x 4.5" W x 2" H; 6.76 fl oz
400ml: 6.2" L x 5.6" W x 2.7" H; 13.53 fl oz
Care: After each use, wash with soap and warm water using a cloth or sponge.
Tsubame, Japan