Handmade Pot Holder

$ 34.00 USD

This handmade artisan pot holder helps you lift handled pots and pans safely. Made by hand-sewing swatches of surplus and scrap fabric, every potholder is one of a kind and made in Noriko Nakao's workshop in Nagoya.

How to Use: Grip the outside of the potholder, using the hollow inside to safely grip the handle of a hot pot or pan.

Please note: Each Handmade Pot Holder is made from available fabric and therefore unique. Photos demonstrate the overall design of each, but the final product may differ somewhat in color or pattern. The high quality and charming aesthetics of Noriko Nakao's work are uniform across every piece, however. Please contact us at info@rikumo.com with any questions.

About Noriko Nakao
Noriko Nakao is a multidisciplinary artist from Nagoya, Japan, who started making ceramic arts in 1998. She has exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions throughout Japan. Everything she creates is one-of-a-kind and is the result of her inspiration at the moment of creation. Her hope is to make something that will make your daily life a little more fun.

Materials: Outer: Cotton, Filling: Polyester
Dimensions: Height: 4” Diameter: 4"
Care:  Hand wash only.
Nagoya, Japan