Ise Tenugui - Pleasure

$ 20.00 USD

Tenugui are a type of traditional Japanese textile with a characteristically smooth texture that dries easily. 100% cotton, hand-dyed and cut by hand, the colorful patterns recall traditional and contemporary Japanese prints. This multipurpose textile lends a pop of color to your every day - use it as a tea towel, placemat, table runner, head scarf, tapestry, lunch tote, gift wrap… the possibilities are endless! For inspiration and instructions, check out the rikumo journal.

Please note: Tenugui are purposefully designed without hems, which means that some initial fraying is normal. Do not pull loose threads; instead, trim them with scissors. The frayed edge will develop a natural fringe over time.

Use of the Japanese phrase sou sou - meaning "yes, yes" - offers more than an affirmative response; it's a way to validate another person and establish a sense of community. The SOU•SOU textile collection created by celebrated designer Karsuji Wakisaka aims to do much the same by offering colorful designs that bring us together. Drawing on the landscape around Kyoto and the mod styles of the 1960s, Wakisaka seeks to revitalize age-old Japanese styles by combining traditional shapes with contemporary patterns.

Materials: Cotton
Dimensions: Width: 14" Length: 35"
Care: Edges are left seamless for absorbency and quick drying. To discourage fraying, trim loose threads with a pair of scissors and throw in the washing machine. The fabric will naturally tighten after repeated usage.
Kyoto, Japan