Yoku Moku Cookies - Petit Cinq Delices

$ 39.00 USD

The Petit Cinq Delices collection from Yoku Moku holds five assorted kinds of the brand's popular shortbread and butter cookies, including almond, macadamia, and milk chocolate varieties. Each cookie is made from natural ingredients with no preservatives, and every tin features 28 individually wrapped cookies to preserve freshness and flavor. A delectable gift to give or receive, no matter the occasion!

About Yoku Moku
Yoku Moku is a world-famous Japanese confectioner whose namesake slim butter cookies have become a classic Japanese omiyage gift for holidays and special occasions. Omiyage (meaning 'souvenir') is an important part of Japanese culture and is typically a locally made food product that one is expected to bring back and share with friends and family after traveling.

Ingredients: Butter, milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, cocoa mass, soy lecithin an emulsifier, chocolate flavor), sugar, wheat flour, eggs, crushed macadamia nuts, almonds, evaporated milk, milk, vanilla extract
Dimensions: Box: 8 ¾" L x 7 ¼" W x 2 ½" H
Tokyo, Japan