Wakako Scoop

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These display-worthy scoops from Zushi-based artist Wakako Mochizuki offer a delightful way to spoon out tea, sugar, or jams. Just don’t expect a precise measurement - like the rest of the scoop, the exact volume of each is unique.

Please note: Use the photo provided to match each number to the correct scoop.

About Wakako Mochizuki
Every day, Wakako Mochizuki creates whimsical earrings, utensils, accessories, and decor in her Zushi studio. Specializing in beautifully delicate brass, she hammers and welds rigid metals into one-of-a-kind items destined to be imbued with favorite memories.

Materials: Brass
Dimensions: Varies; approximately 3.5" L x 1.5" W
Care: Please note that due to the nature of brass, this product’s color will oxidize and develop a rich patina over time. You may gently polish using your preferred brass polishing method. Please be careful not to bend these delicate pieces.
Zushi, Japan