Marutama Cast Iron Teapot

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At first glance a simple piece of cookware, the Marutama Cast Iron Teapot features a subtle ring pattern and distinctive handle that mark it as a masterpiece of metalworking. Of course, this teapot is no less useful for its artistry; like all cast iron, it conducts and retains heat well, and the included strainer makes it easy to brew a perfect cup of tea.

Winner of Japan's Good Design Award.

About CK Metalworks
While tradition is important to the artisans at metalworking studio "CK", they tend to take a less conservative view on the subject. Rather than limiting their techniques to those practiced by their predecessors, they view age-old cast iron crafting methods as living tools meant to enrich people's lives and see the possibility of new customs in contemporary techniques.

Materials: Pot and lid: Cast iron; Handle: Steel; Strainer: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 5.5" D (pot) x 6.7" W (with spout) x 7.1" H
Care: Wash by hand, then dry immediately and thoroughly.
Yamagata, Japan