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Ippodo Tea Cooking Matcha, Aoyama-no-shiro

This premium green tea powder is intended for all of those occasions that don’t call for the intricate complexities of high-end ceremonial grade matcha. While still offering the same brilliant green hue, rich flavor, and health benefits of ground whole leaf tea, this matcha is perfectly suited for more liberal applications. Try it in your favorite smoothie, baked goods, or savory dishes.

About Ippodo Tea
Located in the heart of Kyoto, Ippodo Tea Co. has been cultivating the highest quality of Japanese green tea for nearly 300 years. The tea is harvested in the lush Uji region of Japan, the country’s oldest tea-growing area.

Ingredients: powdered green tea
Volume: 40g
Shelf Life: 180 days
Kyoto, Japan

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