Usula Porcelain Bowl

$ 18.00 USD

With a lightly speckled glaze that calls to mind vintage ceramics and just a hint of patina around the rim, these Usula Porcelain Bowls have the look of beautifully aged tableware. Unlike a family heirloom, however, these are bowls you'll want to use at every meal, as their sturdy construction and walled design make for versatile and eye-catching vessels perfectly suited to a wide array of dishes.

About Tojiki Tonya
The name Tojiki Tonya encompasses several ceramic companies based in the Tokai region, where the craft has been a point of local pride for more than a millennium. These pieces are selected for their unique value as thoughtful artisanal products in a world dominated by mechanized production methods. Experience the benefits that only centuries of practice can provide.

Materials: Clay, food-safe glaze
Small: 5.2" D x 1.9" H
Medium: 7.7" D x 1.7" H
Large: 9.05" x 1.5" H
Care: Microwave-, oven-, and dishwasher-safe. Hand wash gently and dry thoroughly before storing. Not for use over an open flame.
Yokkaichi, Japan