Chibi Katakuchi Bowl

$ 20.00 USD

Taking its name from chibi, meaning small, and katakuchi, which translates to "a mouth on one side," the Chibi Katakuchi Bowl from Rojinosora is a classic pouring vessel perfect for cooking or serving. Each bowl is handmade by artist Yukiko Ohnakahara in her Tokyo studio and finished with a patterned glaze inspired by gentle rainfall, offering an understated accent with a uniquely organic aesthetic.

About Yukiko Ohnakahara
Yukiko Ohnakahara is a Japanese multimedia artist who has held numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Tokyo. In 2011, she opened her own store in the city's Yanaka neighborhood, offering one-of-a-kind handmade wares that play on the craft aesthetic by incorporating recycled materials and embracing organic imperfections.

Materials: Clay
Dimensions: 2-2.3" D x 1.15-1.55" H
Care: Hand wash gently.
Tokyo, Japan