Bunbuku Metal Wastebasket

$ 40.00 USD

For a hardy receptacle that gets the job done and looks good doing it, you'll find no better solution than this compact Bunbuku Metal Wastebasket. Each wastebasket is shaped from steel plates joined through a caulking process to maximize rust resistance, then carefully coated with high-quality paint to create a durable, glossy finish.

Winner of the 2015 Good Design Award in the Long Life category.

About Bunbuku
More than 100 years ago, Bunbuku was founded to produce ironware home goods, but the advent of new manufacturing techniques in the mid-20th century changed all that. Suddenly, the company was able to shape metal in novel ways, allowing them to greatly expand their offerings. Today, Bunbuku wares can be found in homes and offices across Japan, where they exemplify the company's commitment to practicality.

Materials: Tin-free steel plate, rust-resistant coating
Dimensions: 8.75" D x 10.75" H; 1.9 gallons
Care: Rinse out or wipe down as needed. Do not leave wet for extended periods.
Tokyo, Japan