Sinafu 7.0 Stand Bowl - Hotei (Smoky Grey)

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This display bowl was conceived with the help of designer Kenichiro Oomori and is intended to showcase the best characteristics of Yamanaka lacquerware. Along with the rest of the Sinafu line, it prominently displays food and other items on an astonishingly thin wooden stem. The Sinafu 7.0 Stand Bowl offers an easy way to elevate any tablescape.

About Gato
Hailing from the Yamanaka region of Japan, where lacquering has been practiced since the 16th century, Gato’s collection of beautiful vessels is born from traditional techniques requiring the highest level of skill. Through meticulous cutting, carving, shaving, and lacquering, the artisans at Gato manage to mold wood into works of art that pay homage to their arboreal origins. Each lightweight piece showcases an exquisite wood grain unmarred by the production process and is as functional as it is beautiful.

Read more about Yamanaka lacquerware in the rikumo journal.

Materials: Zelkova wood
Dimensions: 2.95" H, 8.27" D
Care: Hand wash with mild soap. Not microwave- or dishwasher-safe.
Yamanaka, Japan