Kuro Minoyaki Long Plate

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From its asymmetrical outline to its textured glaze, the Kuro Minoyaki Long Plate is the very picture of the wabi-sabi philosophy - an age-old belief that encourages one to embrace transience and recognize the beauty in imperfections. Here, that idea is expressed in the highly organic aesthetic of artist Takumi Kudo's tableware, which draws the eye not through flash or opulence but through small details that can never be replicated, even by the original craftsman. Set it out as the foundation of a centerpiece that will charm your guests or use it to plate a photo-worthy dish at your next dinner party.

About South Kiln
Though he got his start at his father's ceramics workshop, artist Takumi Kudo carved out a niche all his own under the South Kiln label, eventually earning his certification as a full-fledged craftsman in the Mino ware tradition. Today, he heads the company his father founded almost 50 years ago, a brand that - under his leadership - has transitioned away from a mass production model to become a creator of beautiful handmade tableware.

Materials: Clay, food-safe glaze
Dimensions: 12" L x 4.55" W x 1.15" H
Care: Not microwave-, oven-, or dishwasher-safe. Hand wash gently and dry separately. Note that the clay is not entirely waterproof, so be sure to dry thoroughly before storing.
Toki, Japan