Bento Lunch Box - Shubun "Equinox Day"

Take your lunch with you wherever you go with this adorable bento box. The Japanese equivalent of your childhood lunch bag, bento boxes are partitioned stacking containers that ideal for portion control and everyday carry. This Bento Lunch Box features a stacked modular design with two compartments to store salads, sandwiches, breakfast porridge, and just about anything you can eat. Each compartment has its own airtight lid, so you can store liquids and messy foods without risking a spill. A sturdy elastic keeps the box shut, while the cover can be flipped over and used as a portable plate. This whimsical bento box makes every lunch a treat.

About Bento
Bento is a typically homemade meal that is common in Japanese cuisine that is served in single-portion containers or boxes that range from pre-packaged and disposable bento boxes bought at convenience stores, to artisan-made boxes. Many people put significant time and effort into bento boxes for their loved ones, and there are currently many different styles of bento.

Materials: Unsaturated Polyester Resin (Cover); Saturated Polyester Resin, ABS Resin (Body); Polyethylene (Inner Cover); Urethane Paint (Finish)
Dimensions: Height: 4 ⅓" Width: 4" Length: 4"
Care: Microwave and dishwasher safe, except for inner cover. 
Osaka, Japan

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