NANAO Candle Set

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Unlike the simpler, more minimalist design of the TOHAKU Candle, the five styles in the NANAO Candle Set from Takazawa were created to stand out. The profile of each unscented candle features curves or angles inspired by plants native to Ishikawa Prefecture, where Takazawa Candle is based. Their hollow wicks - made from dried rushes wrapped around a washi paper core - also produce extra-bright flames, and a hole in the base of each candle makes it easy to mount one on a stand. Candle stand sold separately.

Designed for use with the KOMA Candle Stand. See the full Takazawa Candle collection here.

About Takazawa Candle
With a history that stretches back to the 19th century, Takazawa Candle is the last of the old candle-making companies that once filled the port city of Nanao. Still they keep the traditions of their craft alive, employing age-old techniques to produce candles made entirely of plant-based materials that burn bigger and brighter than those of their contemporaries.

Materials: Sumac wax, rushes and washi paper wick, cardboard box
Box: 7.8" L x 6" W x 0.95" H
Candles: 4.75" L x 0.75" W; Bottom hole: 0.125" D
Use: Each candle provides approx. 2 hours of burn time. Do not leave unsupervised when lit.
Nanao, Japan