Hanada Stand Mirror

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Designed around the Golden Ratio - something of a sacred number to artists, designers, and other creatives for millennia - this elegant Hanada Stand Mirror is made by hand, every piece individually measured, cut, sanded, and oiled to produce a precise result. Each mirror can be propped up vertically or horizontally using the built-in brass stand to create an ideal viewing surface.

About Hanada Woodworks
The artist M. Hanada finds a "richness of beauty" in tactile experiences, though their artistry extends beyond the realm of touch. With careful attention paid to timeless design elements, such as the famous Golden Ratio, their works will become a highlight of any home.

Materials: Wood (walnut or oak) with a clear oil finish, brass, mirror
Dimensions: 4.7" W x 7.65" H x 0.5" D
Care: The mirrored surface is fragile; handle with care.
Fukuoka, Japan