Akashiya ThinLine Brush Pen Set

$ 27.50 USD

This cult-favorite brush pen has become a favorite tool of professional illustrators and stationery aficionados since its introduction in 2009. With a superfine tip inspired by elegant makeup brushes, the Akashiya ThinLine Brush Pen is designed for intricate work. Perfect for calligraphy, drawing, or sketching, each pen is handmade by brush artisans and makes writing feel like painting a watercolor with words. Winner of the 2009 Design Merit Award.

This five-pen set includes a spectrum of woodland shades based on the colors traditionally used in Japanese ink drawings:

Sumiiro (Ink black)
Seiboku (Dark blue)
Mizuasagi (Pale blue)
Chitosemidori (Dark green)
Hiwadairo (Dusky red)

About Akashiya
Akashiya was founded in 1624 in Nara, Japan, the birthplace of calligraphy. Its craftsmen have continued the tradition, creating peerless brushes famous among artists and stationery collectors. Strand by strand, each brush is constructed by specialized artisans from flexible fibers perfect for drawing and writing.

Materials: Water-based ink, plastic
Dimensions: 6 ½" L
Chiba, Japan