Penco Prime Timber 2.0 Pencil

$ 15.00 USD

The Prime Timber 2.0 mechanical pencil from stationary brand Penco combines the nostalgia of a classic hexagonal design with a modern mechanism that works flawlessly each time. To add to the illusion that you're holding an old-school pencil, the barrel is made from incense cedar, so it even smells like the real thing. Each pencil comes with a sharpener to use with its smooth-writing 2mm B-grade graphite. Pairs with the Penco Prime 2.0 Lead Refill.

About Penco
Penco is a stationery brand that specializes in capturing the charm of vintage Americana. Their signature blend of nostalgic design, unparalleled functionality, and tasteful packaging creates products that feel both decades old and brand new.

Materials: California cedar, metal
Dimensions: 6.3" L x 0.35" W
Fukuoka, Japan