Clay Whistle - Lark

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This clay whistle is a modern example of a fading Japanese folk art from Saga Prefecture. Made from special local clay and sporting a humorous expression, they let out a simple and soothing tone that is said to remind one of home. Choose your favorite pigeon, magpie, or lark and make a new friend.

Please note: These whistles are handmade and may not be exactly as pictured. Likewise, the larger sizes produce a lower tone and no two will be pitched exactly the same. These do not function as bird calls.

About Ozaki Dolls
Ozaki Dolls are made in the Osaki district in Kanzaki, Saga Prefecture, and are a folk art with a history dating back over 700 years. These earthenware figurines are shaped from local clay and formed into a whistle before being dried and fired in handmade kilns. Finally, they are brightly colored with iwa enogu (Japanese mineral pigment).

Materials: Clay
Dimensions: 1.57" W x 3.15" D x 1.57" H
Care: Rinse sparingly with warm water. Do not leave submerged
Saga, Japan