Timbre Bellflower Windchime

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Punctuate the sound of nature with the gentle clinking of hand-blown Edo glass. The Bellflower Windchime from Timbre hangs gracefully on a thin string and produces a clear and confident chime while swaying on the breeze. Featuring four artisanally made and organically shaped Edo glass bells, it is equal parts wind chime and design mobile. 

About Timbre
Timbre (pronounced "tam-ber") is an assemblage of home accessories created with sound in mind. Every object in the collection produces its own distinct note upon use, appealing to both the visual and auditory senses in the process. Whether through touch or movement, each interaction with a Timbre product enriches your life with gentle tones and elegant aesthetics. Learn more about the Timbre line and hear samples of each item's unique sound here.

Materials: Glass, string
Dimensions: 15.5" L x 3" D
Care: Clean gently with a soft cloth. Note that these chimes are very fragile.

Osaka, Japan