Zebra Blen Pen 0.5 Bk Brl

$ 3.25 USD

This pen is the result of a collaboration between stationery brand Zebra and design studio nendo. This project was intended to be like a compact car: aka - practical and comfortable with great handling. Design features include a low center of gravity to increase comfort, internal springs to reduce pen noise, a satisfying clicker action, and rubberized grip.

Available in .5mm black, red, or blue ink (Zebra emulsion gel) with a black, grey, or white barrel.

About nendo
nendo is a design studio that was created in 2002 by acclaimed designer Oki Sato. From their offices in Tokyo, Milan, and Singapore they design furniture, interiors, household products, and art objects that are simple yet ingenious. Their name; “Nendo” means free-form clay in Japanese and symbolizes their approach to creativity and design.  

Materials: Plastic, Metal, Rubber, Ink
Dimensions: Length: 5.7" Diameter: .36"
Tokyo, Japan