Penco Prime Timber 2.0 Pencil

$ 15.00 USD

The “Prime Timber 2.0” mechanical pencil from stationary brand PENCO combines the nostalgic feeling of writing with a classic hexagonal wooden pencil with a modern mechanism that works flawlessly every time. To add to the illusion, the exterior barrel is made from incense-cedar so it even smells like the real thing. Each pencil comes with a sharpener to use with its smooth writing 2mm B-grade graphite lead.

About Penco
Penco is a stationery brand that specializes in products that capture the charm of vintage American items from years past. They combine design, functionality, and packaging with nostalgic designs to create a collection that makes you feel as if you’ve stepped back into time.

Materials: Californian Cedar, Metal
Dimensions: L: 6.3”, W: .35”, H: .35"
Fukuoka, Japan