Memo Clips

Never lose your place in a book again with these inventive paper memo clips from Japanese stationery brand Inkaren. These functional clips are made from chipboard paper so you can write notes directly on the memo clip. Sturdy and reusable, you can use them as mini bookmarks, annotating important sections in documents, or as an eco-friendly alternative to staples.

Includes 30 clips.

About Inkaren
In the spring of 2012, six stationery companies with different specializations combined to form Inkaren.  Their fields were varied, ranging from book binding, hole-punching, folding, binding, die cutting, covering with gold & silver leaf, embossing, paper inlaying, seal printing and general printing. By bringing old-school stationery techniques back into the 21st century, Inkaren prides itself on craftsmanship that you can touch. With a neutral, minimal design, each memo clip is designed to inspire productivity without distraction.

Materials: Chipboard Paper
Dimensions: Length: 2” Width: 1”
Tokyo, Japan

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