KAKU Light Base

$ 78.00 USD

Illuminate your life with the KAKU Light Base. This clever lighting solution is made with real wood and allows you to showcase cherished mementos like priceless museum pieces. You will see your possessions in a new light when you place them on top and press the switch to select one of three lighting modes (2200K warm candle, 3000K gold, and 5000K white). The LED light source creates no heat and is powered by two AA batteries that can be recharged with a micro-USB cable. 


About Twodo
Lighting brand Twodo was created by the Shindo Electric Design company to bring to life the designs by engineers Masahiko Shindo and Kozo Ando. With the goal of creating new lighting concepts that focus heavily on simplicity and functionality, they fabricate unique lights that exude style and warmth.

Materials: Oil finished natural wood, ABS, acrylic
Dimensions: L: 2.56” x W: 2.56” x H: .79”
Light source: LED (Color temperature:2200K / 3000K / 5000K)
Power supply: Two built-in rechargeable AA  batteries (can be replaced with commercially available AA batteries)
Battery life: About 150 hours per charge (Weak lighting)
                     About 40 hours per charge (Strong lighting) 
                     About 70 hours per charge (Fluctuating lighting) 
                     The built-in batteries can be charged 2100 times.
Katagami, Japan