MA7 Stamps

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In Japan, the use of stamps often extends beyond arts-and-crafts projects; a personal seal, or hanko, can also serve as a practical representation of one's signature. Although these MA7 Stamps may not be legally binding, grown-ups are sure to find more than a few uses for them, as are budding young artists. Pick your favorite design and make your mark on the world around you.

Please note: MA7stamp products are handmade by a single artist in Japan and are therefore available in extremely limited quantities. Because the artist tests every stamp to ensure the quality of her carvings, each may show slight signs of prior use, but all stamps are otherwise brand new and cleaned thoroughly prior to packaging.

About MA7stamp
A one-woman brand created by a mom who enjoys sharing craft time with her little one, MA7stamp seeks to spread the fun of adding colorful designs to cards, notebooks, and other everyday objects with a "pop." Experience the warmth of these handmade objects, available for a limited time only.

Materials: Rubber
Dimensions: Varies by design; 0.6-1.6" L x 0.4-1.2" W
Hokkaido, Japan