Mnemosyne Notebook - B5 Lined

$ 9.00 USD

This line of ring-bound notebooks from Maruman is named after the Greek goddess of memory and is designed to optimize your note-taking system. Each notebook features smooth micro-perforated acid-free white paper with a “DATE/NO.” and “TITLE” section to keep you organized. With a sturdy cardboard backing and a minimally branded plastic cover, it holds up to even the busiest day at the bottom of your bag. Contains 80 sheets of 7mm lined B5 paper.

About Maruman
Maruman is one of the leading manufacturers in Japan’s competitive paper and stationery market. Since their beginnings in 1920, they have developed notebooks, sketchbooks, and binders that are focused solely on quality. 

Materials: Plastic cover, 80gsm paper, metal ring binding
Dimensions: 9.9" L x 7" W, 80 pages (B5, 7mm lined)
Tokyo, Japan