Field Good Trowel - Green

Strong. Lightweight. Ergonomic. The Field Good Trowel will make a worthy addition to your collection of gardening tools. Made from polyurethane-coated steel, it is reinforced at key stress points to further minimize the threat of breakage when digging up hardened roots and rocky soil. This version features a nylon strap and a textured solid-color finish that helps improve grip.

About Field Good
Forged in Niigata at the foot of Mt. Sumon along the fertile banks of the Shinano River, Field Good makes tools that honor the land while aiding the gardener. Niigata prefecture (and the city of Tsubame in particular) has a rich metalworking history and produces some of the finest metal tools in the world.

Materials: Steel (Polyurethane Coated Color), Nylon Strap
Dimensions: 11.42” L x 3.15” W
Care: Wipe with a damp rag and dry thoroughly after use.
Tsubame, Japan

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