Yohaku Japanese Smudge Stick

$ 18.00 USD

From time immemorial, the scents of hinoki (Japanese cypress) and kusunoki (camphor) have been used to purify Japan's holy places. In this tradition, Yohaku has created Japanese Smudge Sticks from the leaves and branches of these two hallowed trees, which are burned to create cleansing smoke in a manner seen among cultures around the world. Rid your home of negative energy and restore balance to your space.

To Use: Remove the smudge stick from the paper wrapping and light the tip, then place on a non-flammable plate. Re-light from the extinguished portion as needed. Each stick burns for 15-30 minutes, depending on the environment. (Note that smaller pieces of each bundle can also be removed and used separately.)

About Yohaku
By sourcing all-natural materials from the misty woodlands of Mie Prefecture, Yohaku brings the pure aromas of Japan's magical forests into your home. The brand blends uniquely Japanese elements such as hinoki and yuzu with more familiar scents like lavender and bergamot to create evocative aromas that transport you to - as Yohaku puts it - "an innocent world where the scent of nature is calling."

Hinoki: Japanese cypress, paper wrapping
Kusunoki: Camphor leaves, paper wrapping
Dimensions: 11" L x 1.05" D
Care: Hold with caution, especially when lit, as the all-natural materials can come apart somewhat during use. Do not leave unattended while lit.
Mie, Japan