Yohaku Cone Incense

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Born from nothing more than powdered hinoki (Japanese cypress), this Yohaku Cone Incense brings an all-natural means of enjoying one of Japan's distinctive scents. For centuries, the temples, shrines and palaces of Japan have been built with this fragrant wood, which is long believed to have purifying powers. Whether your air needs purifying or not, these aromatic cones will delight with a fresh, woody scent typically reserved for campfire gatherings and forest sojourns. Each cone burns for approximately 13 minutes.

To Use: Place the burner stand on a non-flammable surface, such as the included glass dish, making sure that it sits flat. Light the tip of one cone, then blow out the flame and carefully set the cone on the burner mat. Allow cone to smolder until finished.

About Yohaku
By sourcing all-natural materials from the misty woodlands of Mie Prefecture, Yohaku brings the pure aromas of Japan's magical forests into your home. The brand blends uniquely Japanese elements such as hinoki and yuzu with more familiar scents like lavender and bergamot to create evocative aromas that transport you to - as Yohaku puts it - "an innocent world where the scent of nature is calling."

Materials: Powdered hinoki (Japanese cypress), glass, plastic (burner stand)
Dimensions: 3.85" L x 3.85" W x 0.85" H
Care: Handle with care to avoid breaking glass dish. Do not allow to burn unsupervised.
Mie, Japan