Kitayama Dog Brush

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We all love to pamper our pets, and a good brush-down is often part of that cushy treatment (when they let us). Enter the Kitayama Dog Brush, a take on the traditional Japanese tawashi from the master craftspeople at Kitayama Masazumi Co. Its stiff yet gentle bristles are made from a mix of softer sisal fibers and firmer windmill palm to help handle thicker coats. Give your canine companion the gift of more satisfying scratches. Also available for cats.

About Kitayama Masazumi Co.
Over the last half-century, craftsman Masazumi Kitayama has established a name for himself as something of a specialist, creating high-quality plant-based scrub brushes (or tawashi) to suit all sorts of household tasks. Today, the family-owned and -operated business that bears his name works toward ever-greater levels of quality in pursuit of the perfect implement, unsatisfied with the already excellent caliber of their brushes.

Materials: Palm fiber, sisal, beech wood, stainless steel
Small: 8.25" L x 3.15" W x 1.6" H
Large: 9.05" L x 3.55" W x 1.6" H
Care: Store in a dry environment.
Kinokawa, Japan