Ceramic City Decorative Tile - No. 1

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Like a window into a lovingly crafted landscape, this Ceramic City Decorative Tile offers artist Yukiko Ohnakahara's perspective on a dreamlike metropolis. With every tiny building or looming cloud, Ohnakahara recreates details from a single fleeting moment in time; like these moments, each Ceramic City Decorative Tile is available only once, a consequence of the artist's organic creative process. Features a hollow space on the back for easy hanging.  

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About Yukiko Ohnakahara
Yukiko Ohnakahara is a Japanese multimedia artist who has held numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Tokyo. In 2011, she opened her own store in the city's Yanaka neighborhood, offering one-of-a-kind handmade wares that play on the craft aesthetic by incorporating recycled materials and embracing organic imperfections.

Dimensions: 2 ¾" L x 2 ¾" W
Materials: Clay, glaze
Tokyo, Japan