Nakasono Mug - Stripe

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When coffee is the first thing you reach for in the morning, a cheerful mug does wonders for the spirit. Named after its maker, the Nakasono Mug features Yoshimitsu Nakasono’s signature (food-safe) silver glaze and colorful hand-painted designs. With a matte texture and a gently curved handle, these whimsical cups brighten up your morning routine.

Please note: Because of the handmade nature of Nakasono pieces, some mugs may experience slight variations in color. Please contact with any questions.

About Yoshimitsu Nakasono
Yoshimitsu Nakasono is a ceramic artist based in Tajimi, the birthplace of Mino ware ceramics. Unlike traditional ceramic artists, Nakasono uses bright pop elements and handmade forms to bring color and humor into modern ceramics. His signature chrome silver (food safe) glaze lines each of his pieces, achieving a metallic effect that feels as special as wearing your favorite clothes. 

Materials: Clay, silver glaze (food-safe)
Dimensions: Height: 3" Diameter:  2 3/4" Handle: 1 ½”
Care: Hand wash with soap and water.  After washing, wipe water immediately and air dry. Polish the silver inside with a polish or baking soda solution regularly to prevent oxidation. Not microwave- or dishwasher-safe. 
Tajimi, Japan