Wacca Hand Cream

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Made with shea butter and olive oil, this premium hand cream soothes rough hands and cuticles in minutes. This natural camphor formula is blended with essential oils distilled from ingredients native to Japan.  

Yuzu: Rich in brightening Vitamin C, yuzu is a native Japanese citrus with a distinctly zesty fragrance that boosts collagen production in the skin. Combined with woodsy camphor oils, this soothing formula gives a gentle and refreshing aroma.

Ginger:  Rich in antioxidants like polyphenol, Okinawan shell ginger leaves have been used as a natural collagen stimulant for centuries. This type of ginger is used in Japan as a natural herbal remedy to slow down signs of aging and holds a subtle, spicy aroma.

Volume: 30g 
Saga, Japan

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