Tanaka Four Vase

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Inspired by agricultural tools and instruments, artist Keiichi Tanaka imagines radical approaches to ikebana in his series of abstract ceramic vases. Singular sprigs of flowers peek out from the four ends of the vase, illustrating the relationship between nature and artistry like leaves sprouting through concrete. Tanaka here casts the simple vase as an art object: with flowers, it positions the natural world within our modernist society; without flowers it stands alone as a work of art to be displayed year-round.

About Keiichi Tanaka
Keiichi Tanaka’s work spans from a lifelong fascination with the beauty of functional objects. Inspired by the visual poetry of agricultural tools and instruments, Tanaka creates softly textured  glazes and unexpected shapes for otherwise common-use objects. His rustic,contemporary pieces clash with archaic shapes to invoke an atmosphere of "time accumulation": hazy, textured objects that could be remnants of a long-ago past or a not-so-distant future. Tanaka has exhibited widely throughout Japan and Europe, and currently lives in Saitama, Japan.  

Materials: Clay
Dimensions: Length: 11" Height: 8 1/2" Width: 5 1/2"
Saitama, Japan